On The Side

Girl Scouts

We just finished our Musical Sock Puppet activity, check it out!

Daisy Halloween

I just finished up two years co-leading a Girl Scout troop in the Clinton Hill neighborhood in Brooklyn. I had a great experience with scouts growing up and found that it made a huge impact on my self-esteem as a young woman. Every Saturday with the scouts was both inspiring and fulfilling to me. It made my last two years in Brooklyn the best ones. Not only were the girls lovely but so many members of the community came out to teach and mentor them, it was very moving experience. One woman in particular, Stacey Mulcahy, wrote an article about her experience.



Mean Streets

Before transitioning in to Experience Design I worked in Digital Photography as a production assistant for Geoff White. I learned a great deal of technique from him and was able to use it in my own work where I distorted scale to turn city streets in to a playground for preschoolers. The series is entitled ‘Mean Streets’